Velocity Capital is an integrated real estate services and investment management firm.  We engage leading development and financial institutions to develop and manage their assets in partnerships and on their behalf. As an organization, we believe in being process-centric, which enables us to be more efficient as an advisor and developer..


The Velocity Capital process is at the heart of our service offerings. Our disciplined approach to development ensures that the results are optimal based on the project. We utilize our client’s business process model early in our interactions so that the services we provide are in sync with the way our client does business.


Why Velocity? Methodology. There's physics behind what we do.


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As an advisory services practice, Velocity Capital provides guidance to businesses and individuals in the areas of commercial real estate development and investments.  In addition, we offer consulting to organizations to improve their systems in the real estate space.

Why Velocity? Experience. We're prepared for your deal.

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At Velocity Capital, our strength as a service provider lies in our high level of commitment, and, in the creativity within our organization. Our passion for the communities that we affect, our experience in real estate development and investment, and our company code of integrity drive our service delivery and decision making.

Why Velocity? Commitment. Who we are is your strength.


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